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The Bucharest Survival Guide

Europe Market and The Red Dragon

Europe Market and The Red Dragon

The Europe Market and the Red Dragon are two big Chinese markets in Bucharest where you can shop cheap… really cheap!
The Red Dragon is a complex of big halls with stalls and small shops inside, while the Europe market is open-air immediately outside the Red Dragon.

Both of these market are crowded and a bit chaotic. It’s mainly a business to business marketplace where other shops from Bucharest are buying their stocks of products so you’ll see lots of retailers shopping from wholesalers with trolleys.
In most of the halls you’ll find clothes, shoes and accessories but you will also find places with electronics, sport articles  and house decoration.



  • Some wholesalers agree to sale by piece (retail) but more expensive than in bulk.
  • Some wholesalers will not sale to consumers, only B2B
  • It can be really crowded so watch out for thieves and keep an eye on your bags.
  • Parking is free

Public transport

  Line Station
Bus 254 Pasaj Colentina
Tram 21 Pasaj Colentina
Trolleybus x x
Subway x x


There are special free buses from subway station Costin Georgian to the Europe market and The Red Dragon.
  • Dragonul rosu isles
  • Dragonul Rosu
  • Chinese lamps
  • Europa market parking

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